We believe the early brooches came out originally as Lorikeet and were re-released later under the Erswhile brand. I have a brown fox with Lorikeet branding. Also a Madame Fifi with an Erstwhile tag – but I haven’t been able to find a photo of the back of Fifi. From what I can make out, the Erstwhile releases were not marked on the back – please send me your photos to prove otherwise if you have them.

Most Likely Lorikeet

Based on nothing else other than the stock numbers, we have assumed that the BH33 series was released around the same time – so most likely originally as Lorikeet.

Probably Erstwhile

BH35 series – I have seen these with Erswhile tags – will have to do more research. Do you have any photos to prove either way?


Based on the stock numbers and photo evidence, assuming that all of these are Erstwhile.