My very first post

Welcome to the brand new Erstwilder Blog!

4 thoughts on “My very first post”

  1. This is amazing!!!! We’ve been waiting for Erstwilder to produce an archive, and you’ve made incredible headway on it! Thank you so much!!! I hope you don’t mind me sharing to my brooch groups!

    1. I am delighted for you to share it! If you see any errors please let me know. This is quite a long slow process, but oh what fun!

  2. Hi Roz , After finding this interesting site and reading your thoughts on the early Erswhile and Lorikeet pieces .I thought I would share I have a Madam Fifi with Lorikeet branding on the back of the. brooch . I can send a photo if you like .

    1. Hi there, thank you for that – yes I would love a nice clear photo of the back of the brooch with the branding, on a white background if possible. I am having such fun compiling this reference! cheers, Roz

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